Manufacturing Process

How it's Made

Each wine glass from Lolita is utterly exclusive — no two glasses are identical, making them a truly thoughtful and unique gift. Every Lolita glass begins life as a sketch drawn by an artist. The glasses are then individually blown using traditional techniques and are hand-crafted, unlike other machine-made, mass-produced glasses on the market. As all of the glasses are artisan blown, very slight variations can occur in the thickness of the rim or the weight of the product — all adding to the charm that is a Lolita wine glass. 

The beautiful designs are then achieved by applying multiple individual layers of food grade non-toxic paint directly onto the glass, requiring separate firings for each application. Depending on the intricacy of the design, this can sometimes require up to thirty-five different firings. In addition, paint is sometimes applied over word decals and on the base of the glass, with up to 100 crystals hand-glued to each wine glass — and up to 400 crystals to each Superbling glass!

Production of Lolita is a painstaking, highly intricate process that is all done by hand — see the process in the video.

How to care for your Lolita glass

Please hand wash only. Never place your Lolita glass in a dishwasher or soak in extremely hot water — we recommend the careful hand washing of your glass for twenty or thirty seconds, and quickly drying it with a soft towel.