A globally recognised brand

Every Lolita Glass begins as a sketch drawn by an artist. Each glass is hand-crafted, (NOT machine made like other brands) so no two glasses are identical and very slight variations can occur in the thickness of the rim or weight of each glass. 
Lolita designs
The beautiful designs throughout the collection are achieved by applying multiple separate layers of paint to the glass. This requires repeated firings for each colour application… sometimes up to 35 separate firingsPaint is sometimes applied over word decals and on the base. Up to 100 crystals are hand glued to each glass and up to 400 crystals are hand glued to each Super Bling glass. Production of Lolita is a painstaking, highly laborious process that is all done by hand, see it here:

Lolita packaging

Lolita glasses combine hand-painted accents with sassy messages that help you celebrate any occasion in style. Each glass arrives in a beautiful gift box with a unique cocktail recipe painted under the base of the glass. Made from artisan blown glass.

Caring for your Lolita Glass

 All Lolita glasses are hand painted. Hand painting equates to hand washing, per the sticker on the base of each item. It is NEVER to be placed in a dishwasher or soaked in extremely hot water. 

Simply hand wash for 20 or 30 seconds and quickly dry it with a soft towel.