Your Fabulous Christmas Table

Dec 11, 2018

I believe a little extra effort will pay off when it comes to your Holiday table, especially if you decorate your table right after Thanksgiving with your tree and leave it out until after New Year’s Eve. So, you’d better get busy, lol.

RULE OF THUMB:  LESS is always more!! Despite the look of richness on my table this year, it contains only 3 colours and very few changes in texture!

Think colour palette, texture and elements, not crafty. And, you can take this direction to the tree and mantle, too, for something different!

Not only will your lovely table balance your holiday decorating, it is also very practical and you can enjoy that impromptu dinner party for a change (or it may inspire you to invite people over!)   Instead of eating in front of the TV with your love, use the 2 corner chairs at the table instead. Have a Holiday Girls’ Night In with little effort. Just bring the wine!

No sewing is necessary, I promise!!! It’s all about buying and placement.  And, tape for frayed edges never hurts once in awhile. Having floral wire on hand can’t hurt, either.

Of course I have my fun Lolita Holiday Wine glasses and use a different one most years at each place setting. This year, I am using all the same, the super bling from my Soiree’ collection, 2014.



 There are five basic elements to any Holiday table décor.


1. Colour Palette


Pick only 3 main colours for balance (a design trade secret!)


I love choosing a colour palette every year that is different than the last. Here are some ideas:

Elegant:  Silver, Gold and White (IN PHOTOS)

Regal:  Red, Gold and Pearl

Winter: Silver, Blue and White

Radio Style: Metallic Greens, Reds, and Blues

Tone on Tone Magical: Gold, Ivory, Silver or Pearl

Natural/Woodsy:  Metallic greens, silvers, and natural browns/beiges


Your foundation for your chosen palette will be your table coverings.


Sewn “tablecloths” are not necessary. You can use lengths of fabric of all colours and textures from fabric stores, antique stores….A length of silver velveteen; a baroque remnant; a metallic gold sheer curtain found at a discount store… grandmas lace table runners….it is fun to play. This will be the foundation of your colour palette, and sets the tone for everything else. On my table this year, I found some silver and white snowflake table runners (2) that I overlapped to fit my entire round table!


2: Textures/elements


It is fun to look around your cupboards for items that can go with your special holiday colour palette, or you can shop at bargain/discount shops, craft stores, antique stores to compliment your look.

Elegant: Metallic white bowl; metallic white ornaments. Gold artificial floral; silver paper chargers; gold and ivory china; crystal glassware; silver serve wear; antique pewter candlesticks; white linen napkins; antique knife props; crystal votives at each place setting (IN PHOTOS)


Regal:  Silver/pewter cups; strands of pearl tree trimmings; red/gold chargers, red velveteen table covering with gold runner


Wintery:  Anything silver, beads, tinsel, frosted plates; antique etched anything, white ceramic or porcelain; white tablecloth with lace overlays


Radko style: Primary colours with glitter will do! Complimentary red plates/chargers, green antique water goblets, midnight blue mini salt and pepper shakers; cobalt blue serve ware


Woodsy:  Wood chargers; evergreen linens; bamboo place mats; real branches; pine cones; pussy willows; natural baskets. Earthenware and or wooden serve ware, burlap runner, handmade ornaments/place cards


 3. Centrepiece


LOW AND LARGE OR HIGH AND STUNNING ARE MY RULES FOR CENTREPIECES.  My pet peeve is not being able to see the person across from you. So fuddy-duddy, and not necessary for a beautiful table!


Do not use fake flowers, but artificial leaves and branches are an exception ( if you can help it….we are going for substance here!)


 4. Place Settings


After you get your base table covering down and done, I like doing a runner out of a complimentary texture/coloured fabric or a sheer overlay. You can gather corners of table fabric and do beautiful bows at each corner if you wish. To do the runner, it will look beautiful if you gather it like a paper fan, and stretch down the length of the table, then adjust here and there for a more natural, gathered feel.


At each place setting:



Eating Utensils

Cloth Napkin with clever napkin ring, place in centre of plate

Water Goblet and Lolita Wine glass

Votive candle at each setting


In the past, I have also collected antique mini salt and pepper shakers so everyone can have their own, and crystal knife rests (both of these decor items still have practical uses and will delight your guests!)


Use, wash, reset and reuse to your hearts content. The table coverings and centrepiece always remain through the Christmas. Replace serve ware at designated spots as needed.


 5. Serve ware and Side Items


Keep a glass water pitcher nearby. Pull out all your Holiday serve ware and mix it all in. You can leave what you choose on the table, but less is more here. Set up a nice wine service for that last minute visit. Your silver will look good with almost any colour palette.  You get the picture!






Now you can enjoy your holiday table. Look at it as a necessity in your decorating plan for the holidays.   If you stick to your basic 3 colours and go from there, you will end up with elegant simplicity. Then, by adding some practical textural elements and my festive Holiday Wine glasses, you will see FUN AND EASE written all over the table.


You will see how much it really does add to your joyous season (practically!) And as the Domestic Diva now, you will glide and sashay around your table with holiday glee! (With wine in hand, of course!)











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