Mar 15, 2018

Time for a little break. SPRING BREAK.  If you are like me, it is high time to take it to get past the Winter doldrums.  Now it’s time to get outside and mix some cocktails!

Spring is delightful for the most part…that first bloom of daffodils, nippy nights but delightful days that are warm in the sunshine. It’s time to gather your friends on your deck, too and serve up some new cocktails that may be outside of your comfort zone.  I love creating twists on old favorites. Here, I am sharing my Rum Rita…a recipe sure to delight but also easy on the waistline. Clear rum has no carbs and is very low calorie, so it is my liquor of choice this Spring! 

Spring is the time of year when we all want to lose a little marshmallow fluff, if you know what I mean. This thing called exercise and drinking yummy cocktails should go together! So, I’ve created a new favorite, a take off of the carb and calorie laden favorite, the margarita.

Here’s how to go to the Keys in your kitchen, without worrying about gaining an ounce! (unless you would want to pair these springy cocktails with fried calamari or Key Lime Pie, which is totally doable and IS WORTH IT.)

The Lolita Rum Rita could not be simpler.  And easily replicated at home. Just the taste of it will make you think of sunny blue waters, warm strong Southern breezes and pelicans.

Why rum versus tequila?

Well, the Bahamians know that clear Rum is a tasty, smooth, and literally carb free liquor that goes with just about anything. A bit sweeter than vodka or tequila, it lends itself very well to those frozen concoctions we dream of and other tropical and Spring libations. Tequila also has a reputation for heaviness, and a whoa here comes a hangover reputation….:)


The Lolita RUM-RITA

 2 ounces rum

Juice of one lime

Plenty of ice

A splash of water or club soda

2 packs of Splenda

Rim with Sea Salt

Fill with Diet Lemon Lime Soda

Chill glass ahead of time in your freezer. Preferably your newest Lolita glass!

Rim your glass with your finger with a bit of butter (yep, butter…it keeps the rimmer from falling off, and you can’t taste it one bit!)

Mix rum, lime juice, and splenda. Shake over ice, and pour!  Top off with Diet Lemon Lime Soda.

Bottoms up.

This drink, similar to the Margarita, has approximately 2 carbs and 100 calories. DELISH!

Here is more fattening version:


2 ounces Rum

Plenty of ice

6 ounces Margarita Mix (Jose Cuervo will do)

Rim with Sea Salt

Make the same way as above but put ice in the glass first, and skip the added sweetener.

This will be delicious but packs 28 carbs per 6 ounce drink! But still great. And obviously a great choice.



Mixing your own “skinny” cocktails is easier than ever with a smorgasbord of ingredients out there to choose from.

First of all, I am a subscriber to the notion that natural is better but that it is okay to use Splenda or Stevia once in a while for a cocktail!

Generally, cocktails are loaded with hundreds of calories and dozens of carbohydrates (which can contribute to dehydration and sluggishness), and even if it’s short term weight gain we try to prevent due to vacation occasionally, I see no permanent harm in it!

To stock your bar for thinner cocktails, pick the following mixers if you want to save on carbs and also calories…and keep them in mind when going out!

Diet Sodas-Coke, Ginger Ale

Club Soda (no carbs or calories)

Grapefruit Juice (the lowest in calories of any fruit juice)

Fresh Lime Juice

Diet Tonic Water

Clear Rum

Diet Cranberry Juice

Organic Vegetable juice (can’t be bad for you, right?)

Splenda or Astivia sweeteners (yes, processed, but if Diabetics use it to stay alive, can’t hurt us to use occasionally)

Fresh Lime and Lemon Juice

If you go to a bar, many bartenders know how to mix drinks “skinny”… I order Splenda Mojitos and they taste the same as the regular ones, with half the calories and little to no carbs (or so I figure.)

Now, I love a little fresh fruit juice. So if you can find pure, organic, no sugar added fruit juices to keep on hand, like Mango and Pineapple, fine, but just keep in mind they are usually highly condensed…2 ounces of pure mango juice has 300 calories. Or if you want to work hard, muddle or puree your own and freeze (I don’t know about you, but I’m game for the store bought occasionally! And you can find organic, no sugar added fruit juice to keep on hand!)

Your drink possibilities are endless here with these ideas, and you will save on carbs and calories, not taste, sticking to just a short list of things to choose to mix that great cocktail! And, they will taste better and be a lot less expensive than premixed low cal options at the liquor store.

So, start a new trend with some easy changes to your cocktail repertoire and cheers to a healthy new YOU, and enjoy the Spring season.  Gather the gals and celebrate your friendships, new and old, and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

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