The In Gin Ting  

Aug 8, 2018


The Increase in flavoured gin has provided an extensive amount of gin to choose from, whether you are a sweet tooth or prefer something fresh and floral there’s a flavour for everyone! From sweet violet and raspberry, to gin infused with rose and Juniper berries, we all love gin!

Decorated Gin glasses are also becoming a hot new trend! Hand painted, inspired by nature and beauty, these eye-catching glasses showcase your prized gin with style and everyone wants one!

Bright and beautiful, find a glass that can take you somewhere else while sipping your favourite gin…

Ignite your living room and enter the tropics with Lolita’s stunning hibiscus glass, best paired with a sweet and fruity gin that will take you somewhere hot, Rhubarb and Ginger Gin is one of our faves to pair with this Hawaiian themed glass!

Immerse yourself in wildlife with Lolita’s Dragonfly glass; grab a fresh gin and floral tonic water with this one!

Plunge into crystal clear waters with Lolita’s mermaid glass! We recommend Hendricks infused cucumber gin and a citrus mixer, super fresh!

Enter the secret garden with Lolita’s Oops a daisy glass. We suggest pairing this glass with a crisp rose gin and tonic!

Humming birds seek only the sweetest of nectar so our beautiful humming bird glass is of course, best paired with a super sweet gin - we recommend sweet violet gin or raspberry!


Decorate with botanicals garnishes to make your gin concoctions look sexy!

Gin recipe of the month -Ramblin’ Raspberry Rose by Edinburgh Gin

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