Jul 12, 2019

It’s that time of year again, almost time to pack that last lunch for the Summer break and attend all the year-end assemblies, plays and sports days. The one person we never should forget to thank is your child’s teacher. They are there for every little tear, runny nose, potty break, playground fall, discipline…and through all that they are committed to instilling knowledge into our children’s brains, not a short order to fill!


I’m sure like most mum’s, I could never fathom being a teacher.  Underpaid, underappreciated, and managing the patience of a saint with dozens of children all day every day…sounds like a nightmare, right? Not to these amazing humans. They wouldn’t be teachers if it wasn’t in their hearts as a passion…to educate the youth of our world.  But just like any adult, teachers are human. They laugh with their friends. They cry. They pay bills and scrape by on very little. They have a life outside of the classroom, and homework to mark, to boot!


That’s why it is a necessity to let your child’s teacher know you care by getting her what she really NEEDS…. wine with the best wine glasses for teacher’s in the world! A bunch of metaphorical Wildflowers on a glass.


Remembering your child’s teacher in such a special way is sure to be meaningful!  She can take her wine glass home and fill it to the brim to help her get through the last days of school, and for days and days to come.


Give the most meaningful gift out there, to one of the most important people in your child’s life. They deserve to be thanked.  And, even better, put a great bottle of wine with it! She’ll love you and your child even more than you thought possible!!!





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