Sip your way in style to eight glasses a day

Sep 25, 2017

I don’t know about you, but if someone said I had to drink eight glasses of wine a day, it doesn’t seem like so much of a problem. But to drink eight glasses of water a day? Well, who wants to guzzle on the plain old H2O? It seems a practically impossible task!


But worry not… thanks to my gorgeous glasses, you can jazz up your water intake, making it some much easier to sip your way to eight glasses a day.

 My stemless glasses are just gorgeous and are bound to be the envy of your work mates as they sit stylishly on your desk – way better than a plain old mug! Choose from the Mermaid, Oops a Daisy or Dragonfly Stemless Glasses.

 And don’t forget, each of my wine glasses are as unique and as beautiful as you – no two glasses are identical. What you see before you helping you to stay hydrated has been lovingly hand-crafted and painted, meaning there are slight variations in each glass, making them extra special in their own little way – it all adds to their appeal.

 So when you’re down on your water and need to up your intake, give boring old water a bit of bling and sip your way in style to eight glasses a day with me.  And, if you really hate the taste of plain old H2O, why not make your own ‘cocktail’ for a taste sensation?

 I love adding mint and cucumber to a glass of ice cold water, or why not throw some fresh berries into a jug and keep in the fridge over night? Viola! Instant flavoured water to decant into your stemless glass in an instant! Okay, so it may not be the type of cocktail you’d expect to sip on during a girls’ night in, but it’s certainly one way to help you stay hydrated, and totally gorgeous too.

But remember, life is all about balance and having a bit of fun at the same time too. So, while you’re a slave to the H20 during the week, it’s totally okay to let your hair down a little at the weekend too. It just so happens my stemless glasses are perfect for when you fancy something a little stronger than just water to drink!

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