Raising a glass to the end of summer with a cocktail or two!

Aug 18, 2023

Lolita launches a brand-new collection of cocktail glasses – just in time for the August Bank Holiday!


Well, what a summer we’ve had here in the UK! Or should that be, haven’t had, here in the UK? While the rest of the world has basked in glorious sunshine, it’s been – well – wet here in good old Blighty, for want of a better phrase!

But don’t let the washout of a summer dampen your spirits. Oh no – there’s still one Bank Holiday to go before we’re officially into autumn. So, we’re holding out hope that we can have one last hurrah, lapping up the last few rays of summer this August Bank Holiday, before the darker nights start to roll in.

Whether you’re planning on staying in or going out to mark the extra-long weekend, we have a reason or two (10 – actually) to celebrate. You see, we’re throwing it back to where it all started, with Lolita and the inspiration for artisan glassware.

If you’re not aware of the backstory to the brand, it all started with a girl’s night out; Lolita was sipping on a fun cocktail with her friends and thought how boring the glass was that she was drinking from, compared to the fun and frivolity of the drink itself. And so, Lolita began to design her own range of glassware by decorating plain old Martini glasses. The humble Martini glass collection went on to grow, to include a whole range of wine glasses, stemless glasses, prosecco glasses, champagne glasses, beer glasses and more – in fact almost every glass you can possibly think of to suit almost any occasion! We’ll say cheers to that…!

So, the 10 reasons why we’re raising a glass to the August Bank Holiday is because this month sees the launch of (you guessed it) 10 brand new glasses - of course all featuring Lolita’s signature style -  into a super special ultra-glam collection of cocktail glasses!

With 10 designs to choose from, we just love this naughty little number called the Flirtini. Measuring 17.5cm tall, this glass is anything but shy and retiring! As the name suggests, this cocktail glass from Lolita is flirtatious and fabulous. With lipstick marks in the shape of kisses presented around the base of the glass, the main body of the glass features a super slinky line drawing of woman’s features, with her lips, nose and eye visible, creating a super sleek and flirtatious look. Plus, with champagne being one of the main ingredients of this cocktail, the Flirtini is totally naughty but nice!

Or how about Lemon Drop to give you a zing, put a spring in your step, and really get you going for the last few days of summer? We love the sunny vibe of this glass, with bright yellow lemons and fresh green foliage. Not only will this glass have you licking your lips thanks to the cocktail’s tangy taste this summer, but it’ll also look super stylish in your drinks cabinet all year through!

Maybe you’re tired of the long days of summer and need a bit of a caffeine hit? Well then look no further than the Espresso Martini. With little coffee beans working their way up the stem of the glass, diffusing into a lovely coffee-coloured ombre with a layered effect of browns through to beige, this cocktail glass (and its contents) is understated yet still packs a punch.

That’s just a snapshot of some of the new cocktail glasses that are taking our fancy and tickling our taste buds, but you can choose from many more, including Aperol Spritz, Appletini, Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Negroni, Shaken Pina Colada and Vodka Rose Punch.

The beauty of this collection is that there are lots of different glasses to choose from. Each glass is hand-painted and features the cocktail recipe of its namesake on the base, packed with Lolita’s delicious twist, of course. Are any of the new glasses calling your name and tickling your taste buds?

Plus, keep an eye on our social channels because, in the coming weeks, we’re going to be doing a very special Cocktail Spotlight, bringing you more background to each cocktail, its recipe and how you can recreate it at home! Hurrah!

So, if you’re going to be gathering your best gal pals in the garden to enjoy what is left of the summer, why not treat you and your friends to a cocktail glass from Lolita to raise a toast to the August Bank Holiday while kicking back and chilling out with some of your favourite tunes? Or perhaps you’re heading out this upcoming long weekend? Why not get the party started by gathering your besties for an at-home mixology masterclass, giving the different cocktails on the base of each glass a go, before heading off to paint the town red!

Got a birthday coming up this summer? Don’t forget these pretty cocktail glasses make the perfect gift too (they’re presented in a beautifully branded gift box, so make wrapping super simple yet stylish too!). So, if you have someone special in your life who fancies themselves as a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw character from the iconic Sex and the City who enjoys nothing more than a good Cosmopolitan cocktail in style, then look no further than Lolita’s brand new and bloomin’ beautiful (if we do say so ourselves) new collection of Cocktail Glasses.

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