Mother’s Day Cocktail and Bite Size Notions

Mar 13, 2019

Nothing tells your mum that you love her more than a hug, a phone call and an “I love you, mum.” Show her how much she means to you this Mother’s Day with some girl time (and maybe bring her an extra special “Mum” Lolita glass!) Spend some quality time with her this Mother’s Day by bringing her favourite things to the comfort of her own home. You’re making the effort, but aren’t making a full, all out party. You’re bringing YOU, which is most important to her…No Mum could turn down a Lolita cocktail in her very own glass! Take Mum’s unique Lolita glass over to her house along with the matching cocktail ingredients, some tasty appetisers and enjoy a much-needed girl’s night in with the number one woman in your life: your Mum.


Pink Lady Coupe Glass

My favourite cocktails for female events tend to gravitate to the colour pink and have sparkly alcohol, and a splash of Gin never hurts on top, lol.  So, make this ahead, put in a pitcher, bring a chilled bottle of champagne, fill a picnic basket, and go!!Forego the expensive brunch out, £15 cocktails and just head to her’s!

La Chambord Royale Cocktail

Raspberry liqueur has to be my all-time favourite aperitif, have alone in a port glass, a splash in a G&T, a drop in a glass of bubbly.  Gorgeous in its appearance and flavour, it’s as if you are dressing up for a night on the town, and you don’t get anything but compliments. So, if you don’t have this in your bar already, invest in Chambord!  Inexpensive champagne will do here, as well!



Fresh Raspberries

Chilled Prosecco or Champagne

Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

Chill your champagne glasses first! Any champagne shape will do. Here is my choice for this drink, and the cocktail looks amazing in it! 

Put a fresh raspberry in each glass.

Add ¼ ounce of Chambord to each glass.

Splash of Gin if desired

Fill to the rim with champagne. Voila!!! You are DONE!! Easiest cocktail ever (which champagne cocktails tend to be to me, to my delight!)

Here are a couple of elegant ideas to fix or buy in a hurry and cart with you:

Mini Avocado Toasts with Fennel and Mandarin Oranges 

Ready to Go Charcuterie (some of my faves to include are:  Aged Gouda, Blue Cheese, Triple Crème Brie, Prosciutto and Melon (cut up and unwrap before, assemble the platter at mum’s!) with toasted baguette slices.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (check with your local market)

Assorted chocolate box (upgrade from the normal, mass produced chocolates to something very special, such as your local chocolatier, here is one for example that I adore in London!)

And, don’t forget your very favourite MUM glass by Lolita®.  She will love you forever!

Mother's Day Glasses from Lolita

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your cocktail ingredients, A special glass for Mum and travel, over the hill and through the woods to mum’s house! Make her day with a thoughtful girls night!

Cheers, Happy Mother’s Day!



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