Marvellous mixology! Enjoy a spot of cocktail making with Designs by Lolita

Jul 1, 2021

Nothing quite says summer like a long cool drink in the hot sun, while lounging on the beach, with the sound of waves lapping gently nearby.


And while this year foreign travel to far flung exotic places may not be on the cards at the moment, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t recreate those summer holiday vibes from the comfort of your own home (or your back garden if the Great British weather allows…) with a little help from Designs by Lolita!


You see, almost all of our glasses have a seriously scrumptious cocktail recipe written on the base of the stems, so you can turn your hand to a spot of mixology, then enjoy the fruits of your labour in your very own gorgeous glass from Lolita.


If you’re a fan of a vino or two, or prefer a wine based cocktail, then you’re going to need a glass that is appropriate for the occasion. We adore this Cherry Blossom Wine Glass. With delicate pink petals and leaves of light green – all hand-painted, of course – this glass just screams spring/summer vibes.


Maybe you enjoy a short drink – something sharp, snappy and straight to the point? Well if that’s the case, you’re going to want to get your hands on this stunning Peacock Stemless Glass. Bedazzled in jewels, this glass will bring all the shimmer and shine to those long lazy summer evenings sipping on your drink of choice.


Fizz more your thing? No worries – we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with a prosecco-based cocktail or are raising a toast with a glass of champagne, you’re going to need this lovely Let’s Celebrate Prosecco Glass. This glittering glass features gorgeous shades of gold fireworks, whizzing up the stem and bursting into life across the top of the piece. Something to celebrate? Whether it’s a big birthday, major milestone, the end of lockdown or a ‘just because’ moment, you’ll be reaching for this glass time and time again.


Finally, if gin is your tipple of choice, you must take a look at our beautiful Butterflies Gin Glass. Big, bright and beautiful, this glass is great as a gift for any social butterfly, or as a special treat just for yourself this summer. Like so many Lolita glasses, Butterflies Gin Glass features a cocktail on the bottom of the stem. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to give it a whizz…


  • 3oz gin
  • 2 ½oz lime juice
  • 1oz simple syrup
  • add ice and shake in a cocktail shaker until chilled
  • pour into a glass
  • garnish with a lime wheel


Sounds delicious, right? We’re salivating just at the thought! Don’t forget as well as all of the ingredients (which unfortunately don’t come as part of your purchase with a glass from Designs by Lolita… #sorry!), you’re going to need some extra little bits and bobs too, to make your cocktail making – and drinking – all the more enjoyable!


Make sure you have a cocktail shaker and strainer to hand, plenty of ice, fresh fruit and other fancy bits for garnish, sparklers, streamers and little cocktail umbrellas for a fun twist, and of course – last but not least – a glass from Designs by Lolita to enjoy your creation.


Remember, not all glasses come with a cocktail receipe printed on the base. That said, there’s nothing stopping you from getting creative and trying out some cocktail recipes of your own! We’d love for you to take a snap and tag us in your pictures across social media so we can share your mixology masterpieces with the rest of our fans too.


Have fun (please drink responsibly) and happy cocktail making!

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