Love potions for all this Valentine’s Day with gorgeous wine glasses from Lolita!

Jan 24, 2023

While we think love in all its forms is something special to be celebrated all year through, we’re a sucker for a big date in the diary that allows us to go all out and show our loved ones just how much they mean to us. Whether that’s a romantic love interest, a family member or maybe even one of your best gal-pals, we’re raising a glass and making a toast to love in all its forms this Valentine’s Day! So, if you’re looking for a gorgeous glass to clink as you pop a cork and celebrate your someone special – either your Valentine or a Galantine – then do we have some pieces you’re just going to j’adore!


Recently married and celebrating your first Valentine’s Day and husband and wife? Well then, you most certainly should grab your favourite bottle of fizz, pop the cork and toast your nuptials with our lovely Mr and Mrs Toasting Glasses Set. This perfect pair comes with two glasses – one styled as a groom and the other as a bride. They make a great gift for your significant other this Valentine’s Day, or would also be a wonderful wedding present for a happy couple who might be tying the knot during this season of love.


And speaking of love, we’ve fallen head over heels with this gorgeous wine glass Called Hearts A Million. It features hundreds of tiny little love hearts in bright vibrant colours of pinks, blues, yellows, greens and oranges, packed tightly on the steam of the glass as they disperse gently up the vessel as if floating away in the heady heights of love! This piece makes a gorgeous gift for Valentine’s Day as well as being versatile enough to enjoy the whole year through. Whether you’re buying for your partner, relation or a friend, who wouldn’t want to raise a glass to love 365 days of the year.


If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that will make your head dizzy and your mind swoosh with that lovely rush of love, then look no further than this Hearts Swirl wine glass. With lovely tones of pinks and reds along with sweeping brushstrokes creating a scrumptious swirly heart motif across the vessel of the glass, this Valentine’s wine glass is most certainly a keeper.

And finally, rather than gifting a bouquet of flowers that won’t last much longer than the weekend following the 14th of February, then why not give a gift that is fabulously floral, but super practical too? We idolise our gorgeous Love wine glass. Presented with a pretty pink hue for its background and featuring lots of lovely rose heads in shades of yellows, pinks and blues, the word love is written across the body of the glass in a black font that is so delicate while adding a dramatic feature to this gorgeous glass.


Don’t forget, all of our glasses start as a design concept drawn by our very own Lolita. They’re then mouth-blown and hand-painted, so no two glasses are ever exactly the same. What a lovely sentiment to share with your one-in-a-million; that the glass they’re receiving this Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day is just as unique and special as they are too!


Plus, every wine glass from Lolita has a hand painted cocktail on the base of the stem for you to try out and give-a-go-at-home. Given the time of the year and the occasion we’re celebrating, we like to think of these little cocktails as ‘love potions’. While we can’t guarantee they’ll make anyone fall in love with you, we’re sure you’ll have a great time mixing up a treat with your someone special this Valentine’s Day. In fact, for added uniqueness and personalisation, as well as gifting a Valentine’s Day wine glass from Lolita, why not create a hamper with some of the items needed to concoct the love potion (cocktail recipe) on the bottom of the glass too?


Remember, all glasses from Lolita are packaged and presented in a lovely branded gift box, making them nice and easy for you to wrap and look lovely this Valentine’s Day.

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