Holiday Punch…it is Sparkling!

Nov 29, 2018

Holiday Punch…it is Sparkling!

For a great signature cocktail this Holiday season, whether it is Thanksgiving or Holiday, I am love cocktail punch!  There is no better way to gather people ‘round in a festive way than around a delightful alcoholic concoction in a large bowl…intriguing! And, better yet, it is “serve yourself”, welcome words to any busy hostess!

Many of us have memories of that crazy uncle lingering at the punch bowl amongst the tinseled tree and granny gowns of yore…don’t our offspring deserve those memories, too?  They key is to keep little paws out of the bowl…and I promise, they will try, as it is just that appealing to the eye. Magical. Sentimental. All of those good things the holiday season brings to us.

Punch is also experiencing a renaissance. It is a lot less work for the hostess, is very elegant (if your punch bowl is not the party store variety, that is.)  Check online, here is one look that I found, and I also own a real silver punch set that I bought at an antique store several years ago for practically nothing!  Mixing and matching the cups/glasses is also very fun! My cocktail coupe glasses make a lovely choice for punch, Lolita style!

For the sparkling touch, spumante, prosecco of any other bubbly wine lends itself to punch!  Similar to champagnes but not as strong, many sparkling wines are beautiful pink shades that make your punch not only lovely in taste but beautiful in colour, adding just that touch of sweet-dryness and effervescence we associate with sparkling wine.

The grape varietals of these wines can be found all around the world.  My favorite is the Aglianico grape…the wine is soft coral pink, buttery on the tongue (not sweet) with an elegant stream of the bubbles…a perfect addition to any punch recipe.

Lolita’s Holiday Punch

1 Bottle of chilled Sparkling wine of any varietal

1 ½ cups of rum

12 ounces of cranberry juice, or to taste

Mix all of the above in a large pitcher, chill.

1-pint raspberry sherbet or sorbet

When ready to serve punch, pour mixture into the large bowl and add the sherbet

Garnish with fresh raspberries

Lemon wheels if desired

Serves 12 4-ounce glasses of punch

Enjoy this new way of providing a signature, self-serve cocktail for any party!!!

Nutcracker wine glasses work perfectly for punch too








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