Hauntingly good glasses to pick your poison this Halloween!

Oct 7, 2022

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble! Are you in for a treat (rather than a trick, of course) this Halloween with our spook-tacular collection of wine glasses from Designs by Lolita. If we say so ourselves, these gorgeous glasses (or creepy cauldrons) are hauntingly good for creating your very own poison potions and witches brew…


We’re quite literally dying for our first glass! Brand new and exclusive, it’s called Wine-O-Lantern and is simply spellbinding for spooky season. With the body of the glass resembling the face of a carved pumpkin, this autumnal orange glass has a see-through element where the Jack-O-Lantern is grinning, as if tempting you with a trick or treat. Handy, we suppose, as you can glance through to see when you’ll need a top up or two of your favourite tipple! Ideal for Halloween night to help keep ghosts, ghouls and ‘spirits’ high when answering the front door to the copious number of trick or treaters…


And speaking of a top up or two, if you’re ready to pop the cork on a bottle to get your Halloween party really rocking, then you’re going to want to take a look at Bride of Corkenstein. Featuring the face of a green Frankenstein inspired female with bolts in her neck, arms in the air and mouth aghast at her empty glass, this frightfully fun and funky glass from Designs by Lolita will very much be a brilliant conversation starter at any Halloween party!


If your Halloween party style is more classic than creepy, then have you ever considered using some of our Superbling glasses in your décor – it’s sure to set a killer vibe for your stylish soirée! We think the Superbling Sugar Skull Wine Glass is simply to die for. Featuring a skull and vibrant colours of pinks, oranges and teals reminiscent of Mexico and Day of the Dead celebrations, you could use these glasses to line your table as candle holders, or fill them with brightly coloured sweets for a delicious treat that doubles up as frightfully good favour for your guests too.


Or maybe you’re the guest ‘be-heading’ off to a Halloween party soon. If so, have you considered gifting the host a little something to show your appreciation? Pair with a bottle of their favourite fizz (or witches brew) and ta-dah, a spooktacular little something to gift your host for the evening. We just love the Sugar Skulls Superbling Wine Glass. With a similar Dia de los Muertos theme, this glass features two brightly coloured skulls surrounded by superbling and of course – given the occasion – spooky spiders too, making it a lovely memento that your host will enjoy time and time again.


Don’t forget, each glass from Designs by Lolita starts off as a sketch hand-drawn by the artist herself. Then, each glass is brought to life (or maybe that should be brought back from the dead if we’re talking about Halloween?) by artisans with killer skills who hand-blow and hand-paint all of the spook-tacular details you see, meaning no two glasses are the same and are super unique.


Ideal for the Halloween party season or just snuggling down at home this autumn, many wine glasses from Designs by Lolita come with a special cocktail recipe printed on the base of the glass. Of course, if you want to feel like a true witch or wizard mixing up your own special brew, then why not take a look here for some even more frightfully good Halloween cocktail recipes that are sure to set the tone for your evening – be that a spooky party and a good old knees up, or a night at home on the sofa snuggled up behind a blanket with drink in hand watching horror movies.


We just love the sound of this Haunting Halloween cocktail, featuring black vodka and pomegranate, making the concoction looks dark, dangerous and simply to die for! Take a look, pick your poison, and let us know… what would be your tipple of choice?

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