Gorgeous new coastal-inspired Dreamy Collection of seaside-vibe wine glasses from Lolita

May 3, 2023

Hurrah! It’s officially May! And you know what that means, right? Now we’re firmly into spring, it’s not too long until the warm balmy days of summer will be here with us once more (and we can’t wait!).


There’s nothing better than the sun bursting through your curtains on a morning to put a spring in your step, or returning home after a busy old day, to see that big old ball of joy still shining brightly in the sky! What better excuse do you need to sit outside on an evening and take in the last of the evening sun, take a walk in the park, or even enjoy a stroll along the sand at your local beach?


If – like us – you enjoy nothing more than sand between your toes, the shoreline splashing around your ankles and sea air filling your lungs, then you’re going to absolutely adore our brand new Dreamy Collection – new and exclusive for summer 2023.


So, whether you’re packing up and heading for a day at the beach, returning home to your garden after a walk along the promenade, or living nowhere near the seafront but wanting to bring a bit of coastal chic to the comfort of your own home this summer, then do we have the wine glasses for you!


First up is the Eternal Tides Wine Glass by Lolita. Measuring 22.5cm tall, hand-painted strokes of stunning turquoise blue accented with white and gold circles around the glass, forming a continuous waving pattern. Plus, if you take a look at the base of the glass, you’ll see half is presented in the shade of gold and the other half in the turquoise tone, creating the feeling of where the sand meets the sea – and hence the name of this just lovely creation from American artisan glassware designer, Lolita! Enjoy with a cool crisp white wine to really bring home those summer vibes, or why not try out the signature cocktail on the bottom of the glass? The fresh orange and pineapple flavours will give you a tropical vibe.


Next, we have the brand new Ridin’ the Waves Wine Glass. It features gorgeous hues of teal and turquoise waves representing the sea, swirling in with iridescent gold ripples as if waves crashing against the sand. If we close our eyes, we can almost hear the soothing sounds of the sea and the gentle lapping of the shore at our feet.

Why not grab this glass and knock up a batch of sangria to enjoy? Even better, why not give the recipe on the bottom of the glass a go? Complete with its own speciality cocktail, you’ll be sipping on a perfectly mixed concoction of brandy, triple sec and Pinot Grigio, topped with soda water for some extra fizz! Delicious!


Last and by no means least, Lolita is inviting you to take a trip with her Under the Sea! Presented in the same gorgeous gold and turquoise tones as the other glasses in the Dreamy Collection, this glass features swirling seaweed detail, almost as if you’re a mermaid swooshing around the flora and fauna of the seabed. Why not enjoy this glass with something a little salty like a Margarita – a perfect choice for summer and absolutely giving those holiday vibes! Or, for something a little sweeter, why not try this glass’ signature cocktail? With a little added powdered sugar, it is sure to hit your sweet spot!


Whichever glass you choose from the Dreamy Collection, they’re sure to help you raise a smile (and a glass) to summer! Pick one, two, or even all three – thanks to their gorgeous colour palette and subtle design aesthetic, they are beautiful on their own (almost too lovely to store aware in a glass cupboard!) but create a gorgeous cohesive look when styled together as part of a whole set.

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