Give a gift handmade with love this Valentine’s Day!

Feb 1, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I just love February.  After the excitement and exhilaration of Christmas, January can sometimes feel a little blue. But then February comes around again – and of course that means Valentine’s Day – and the world is filled with light and love once more!

I’m a big believer in loving the life you lead. Whether it’s a night out on the town or a cosy evening in, what makes these experiences really special is the people you share them with. So, this year, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, instead of giving gifts to just your partners, why not shower all of your loved ones who make your life a better place with a token of your sentiments too?

I’m thinking your mum and dad, sister or brother, daughter, best friend – I’m sure the list of those you love is endless!

To help you with your Valentine’s Day shopping, I’ve compiled a list of some great gifts for you to consider. What’s more, there’s all quite literally handmade with love! After all, all of my glasses - whether they’re wine glasses, stemless glasses or beer glasses - each and every one of them starts off life as a drawing by me.

From the sketch , a thing of beauty is made. They’re individually fired and hand-painted with crystals and other bits of bling carefully added to them.  It means, when you give the gift of one of my glasses, they’re not carbon copies of each other. Rather, the recipient gets a present that is as perfectly unique and as individual as them.  Plus, with my Valentine’s Day gift guide, you can add your own little twists and create great gift packages, so each present has well and truly been handmade with love…

Whether you’re buying for your mum, sister or a special friend, do I have the perfect glasses for you!

Gifts for the girls…

Check out my Mum You’re Amazing and Super Mum wine glasses.  Why not buy a wicker basket, fill it with some wire wool and place one of these glasses in the centre? Then, fill it up with all of your mum’s favourite things – think heart shaped chocolate, miniature bottles of rose wine, pick a colour theme (like pink) and then fill it with all of her favourite things.

Next up for your siblings is the Sister My BFF Glass.  Your best friend forever, show your sister just how special she is really is! Get your hands on a gorgeous gift bag, and as well as including the wine glass, why not fill it up with some retro sweets? After all, love is sweet!

Then what about your daughter? You’re going to need my Best Daughter Ever wine glass, because we know that no matter how old your little girl is, she’ll always be the true love of your life! Why not buy a beautiful box and use the wine glass as a centre piece for your handmade hamper? Fill it with her favourite pamper products like face masks, hair serums, bath bombs and other smellies. Give her every opportunity to take some time out to love and pamper herself this Valentine’s Day.

Need a gift for your best gal pal? I’ve got you sorted too! Take a look at my Superbling Pretty Girl or Red Hot wine glass. Perfect to sip from when enjoying your next night in, remember each of my wine glasses comes with a cocktail printed on the bottom of the stem. So, with that in mind, why not include in her little hamper some of the ingredients you’ll need along with all other essentials (I’m thinking chocolate, popcorn and a good chick-flick) for your next night in?

Are the little ladies in your life a little too young to enjoy a cocktail or two? Then take a look at my range of stemless glasses – a totally on-trend way to sip on non-alcoholic beverages in style! My Mermaid Stemless Glass and my Oops a Daisy Stemless Glass are perfect for pairing with loads of lovely treats like nail files, different coloured nails polishes, moisturising hand masks and cotton gloves. You could buy a small vanity case and with the glass as the centrepiece, create a really lovely gift that’s bound to be a big hit this Valentine’s Day!

Glasses for the guys…

Want to show your dad that no matter how old you get, he’ll always be the first man you ever loved? Take a look at my Beautiful Game Beer Glass or if you’re feeling particularly cheeky, check out the Beer Belly Beer Glass.  Create a hamper filled with all of his favourite game-day treats including his beer or larger of choice, along with other tasty football-watching treats like crisps, chocolate and nuts!

So, there you have it – my definitive list for giving gifts handmade with love to all your special people this Valentine’s Day.  Of course, you’re bound to only want the best for your loved ones, so you’ll be pleased to know that is the official site for my Lolita glasses.  You can be guaranteed of high quality, totally authentic goods, and because my customer services team is UK based too, you can get quick and easy access to them should you have any queries about your Valentine’s Day gift this 14th February.

I really do hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and whoever you’re sharing the occasion with, don’t forget to give them a gift that’s been handmade with love.

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