Gifting gorgeous Christmas presents that are hand-made with love – my ultimate guide!

Nov 30, 2017

As the song goes, it’s certainly the most wonderful time of the year. I don’t know about you, but I think the festive season is just magical. From spending time with family and friends, the parties, the festive fizz, and of course the presents, I just love Christmas.  That said, I get it can be a bit stressful too, wracking your brains to think of thoughtful gifts the girls and guys in your life they will just love! But don’t worry, to make you Santa’s top little helper, I’ve put together some perfect present ideas for you to gift to your loved ones on Christmas Day…


As you know, all of my glasses are handmade with love. They begin life as a sketch drawn by yours truly.  The glasses are then mouth blown using traditional techniques and are hand-crafted, unlike other machine-made, mass-produced glasses on the market.  My beautiful designs are then achieved by hand-applying multiple individual layers of paint directly onto the glass, requiring separate firings for each application. Depending on the intricacy of the design, this can sometimes require up to 35 different firings.  In addition, paint is sometimes applied over word decals and on the base of the glass, with up to 100 crystals hand-glued to each product.


It means that no two glasses are ever identical, so you’re giving a gift that is truly unique, extra special and super thoughtful too!


One thing I love to do each year to help my family and friends feel extra-special is to make them their own personalised hamper – a bundle of gifts that I’ve selected just for them. My glasses are the perfect starting point if you’re thinking about making hampers too. It means each present you’ve picked, from the glasses to the others bits and pieces, truly have been hand-made with love.


Read on to find out my recommendations for gorgeous gift bundles for the guys and gals in your life…


Let’s hear it for the girls:


Whether you’re buying for your mum, sister or a special friend, do I have the perfect glasses for you!


Check out my Mum You’re Amazing and Super Mum wine glasses.  Why not buy a wicker basket, fill it with some wire wool and place one of these glasses in the centre? Then, fill it up with all of your mum’s favourite things – think chocolate, miniature bottles of wine, maybe even some festive-flavoured prosecco popping balls to help make her Christmas tipple extra tasty!


Struggling for something to buy for your sister? Check this out… it’s the Sister My BFF Glass. Yes, you may have squabbled as younger siblings, but your sister truly is your best friend forever, and what better time than Christmas to show her how just how special she is? Get your hands on a gorgeous gift bag, and as well as including the wine glass, why not fill it up with bits and bobs that remind you of your childhood together? How about some retro sweets, or maybe even make her a mixtape of your favourite bands?  I’m sure your bedroom walls were adorned with your favourite heart throbs as teens! It’s a trip down memory lane and certainly a blast from the past to share together this Christmas!


Then what about your daughter? There’s nothing quite as special as that mother-daughter bond and you need a super special present to reflect this. How about my Best Daughter Ever wine glass, because we know that no matter how old your little girl is, she’ll always be the apple of your eye! Why not buy a beautiful box and use the wine glass as a centre piece for your hand-made hamper? Fill it with her favourite pamper products like face masks, hair serums, bath bombs and other smellies. Don’t forget the customary bottle of wine too.


So that’s your female family members sorted, but what about your best gal pals? After all, friends are the family we choose for ourselves and they deserve a super special Christmas present too!  Take a look at my Superbling Pretty Girl. Covered in different shades of pink love hearts and adorned with silver diamantes, this glass is bound to help get the party started the next time you enjoy a night out on the tiles together.  To reflect that, why not create the perfect ‘paint the town red’ hamper? Because the glass is so big, you can fill it with lip glosses, hair grips and other night-out essentials, like safety pins and double-sided sticky tape for keeping your clothes in place, or blister pads and plasters for when dancing the night away takes its toll on your feet? Don’t forget to include some of your most-loved miniatures for a cheeky shot or two…


Then what about the little ladies in your life? While they may be too young to enjoy a glass of wine or two, teenagers are just bound to love my range of stemless glasses – a totally on-trend way to sip on non-alcoholic beverages in style! Take a look at my Mermaid Stemless Glass and my Oops a Daisy Stemless Glass. Why not buy a structured make up bag or small vanity case, place the glass inside and then fill with loads of lovely treats like nail files, different coloured nails polishes, moisturising hand masks and cotton gloves? You could even include some pre-packaged mocktails so your teen can be part of the festivities too, just without the fizz!



Don’t forget Dad:


So that’s the ladies in your life sorted, but what about good old dad? Take a look at my Beautiful Game Beer Glass or if you’re feeling particularly cheeky, check out the Beer Belly Beer Glass.  Why not create a hamper filled with all his favourite game-day treats? Of course, you’ll want to include his beer or larger of choice, but what about filling a bag with crisps, chocolate, nuts – anything that’s easy to eat with one hand while holding a beer and eyes fixed firmly on a screen watching the game!


So, there you have it… some of my hints, tips and food-for-thought to help you make extra-special handmade-with-love hampers for your family and friends this Christmas! If you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping this year, don’t worry, you still have time!


Any orders placed after 14th December will receive overnight shipping at a discounted rate of £3.95 (excludes weekend deliveries).  In order to qualify for next day delivery, orders need to be placed by 2pm Monday – Friday.  Any orders placed after this time will be fulfilled the next working day.


Last orders for guaranteed Christmas delivery is 2pm on 21st December. Any orders placed after this time and I can’t guarantee they’ll be with you in time for Santa shimmying down your chimney on Christmas Eve.


So, what are you waiting for? Don’t delay and order today! Explore my whole range of hand-made wine and beer glasses. Whether using them to toast the festive season or gifting them as gorgeous Christmas presents, you, your family and friends are bound to love them all year round.

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