A wild night out (in your garden) celebrating spring!

Jun 10, 2022

Wow-wee! It’s been a bit of a warm one the last few days here in the UK, and if you’re anything like us, the first sign of a bit of sunshine and we’re straight out into the garden to soak up some rays (with a drink or two in hand, too!).


Now is the perfect time to get out in the great outdoors, rustle up a cocktail or two and get those garden party vibes going ready for the summer season (which is fast approaching)!


We adore this brand-new wine glass called Bouquet in Bloom. It features eucalyptus leaves in different shades of green and accented by lovely white roses – could there be a more perfect glass to enjoy a vino from outdoors in your garden during the warmer weather? Of course, if wine is not to your taste, don’t forget to try the cocktail on the bottom of the glass. We love the use of pear vodka, elderflower and champagne in this little number – a perfect pairing to create a fresh but tasty treat that’s totally following the floral theme!


Rather than a glass of wine or a cocktail to slowly sip, maybe a short is more of your thing? We’re in love with this new and exclusive bottomless glass and it’s so, so perfect for springtime to enjoy a glass or two of our favourite drink in the garden. It’s called Field of Dreams and features delightfully delicate little flowers in shades of summery pinks, yellows and blues, accented by little spots of sparkle that glimmer and shine as they catch the light. Wonderful for enjoying a gin with your favourite mixer, or even a nice cold glass of water in the warmer weather with a slice of lemon and a handful of ice to keep you nice and hydrated.


Finally, if you enjoy nothing more than sitting in your garden and watching it spring into life as the seasons change and wildlife begins to hum around you, you’re going to love this Queen Bee stemless glass from Lolita. This piece features a black and gold bee – complete with blinged-up crown (of course!) – buzzing around and leaving a trail of fabulousness behind her, wherever she goes! So, if you don’t fancy a wild night out, why not enjoy a night in the wild of your own back garden? Mix up a big jug of sangria, get the girls round and raise a glass to springtime (and very soon the start of summer too!).

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