A perfect excuse for a girls’ night in…

Oct 20, 2017

It’s true what they say… time flies when you’re having fun and I can hardly believe that we’re now officially in to autumn with winter (did someone say Christmas parties?) soon on its way…


And with the clocks going back one hour at the end of this month, the darker nights are certainly rolling in.  Whether you’re a spring chick who loves the sunshine or a winter babe who loves the nip in the air, what better excuse do you need than to gather the girls and enjoy a cosy night in, if painting the town red on an autumnal evening doesn’t quite tickle your fancy!


Why not gather your gal pals – of course pjs and onesies are a must – crank up the tunes, stick on some chick flicks, slap on a face mask and of course, crack open a bottle of your favourite wine.  If you’re looking for extra girlie giggles, make sure you’re sipping from your very own Lolita glass and give the cocktail making recipes on the bottom of each stem a go.


Heck – if you’re feeling really wild – you could even allocate a different glass to each of the girls and challenge yourselves to see who can make the best cocktail following each of the different recipes. Make big jugs of each drink and take it in turn to taste test the different concoctions.  If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even come up with some boozy creations of your very own, then sit back and sip away from your Lolita glass, as you marvel at your master piece.


Personally, I think the Gingerbread Wonderland, I’ll Be Home and Let’s Get Nuts glasses are great for a girls’ night in (especially in the run up to Christmas)!


If this sounds like your idea of fun (I know it certainly is mine), stay tuned for more info coming very soon about an exclusive competition we’re launching, where one lucky winner will win a girls’ night in hamper to enjoy with her very best friends.


Happy cocktail making and getting cosy this autumn!

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