A frightfully good time with Lolita this Halloween!

Sep 14, 2023

Calling all ghastly ghouls, wicked witches and devious devils… this one is for you! With Halloween just around the corner, we’re picking our poison and raising a glass to spooky season. So, whether you’re going all out and throwing a frightfully good fancy dress party, or will be staying in to greet trick-or-treaters at your door while you enjoy a cheeky sip or two in the comfort of your own crypt, we have the selection of Lolita Halloween glasses for you…


Measuring 17.5cm tall, the Flirtini glass is certainly naughty but nice! As the name suggests, this cocktail glass from Lolita is frightfully flirtatious as much as it is fabulous. With lipstick marks in the shape of kisses presented around the base of the glass, the main body of the glass features a super slinky line drawing of a woman’s features, with her lips, nose, and eye visible, creating a sleek and flirtatious look.


We think this glass would be great if you’re taking on the role of the Wicked Witch or Evil Queen at a Halloween party this year. Plus, with champagne being one of the main ingredients of this cocktail, the Flirtini will certainly make any spooky season celebrations go off with a bang!


Or perhaps the vibe you’re going for this Halloween is to recreate some of the spooky scenes from frightfully good films. If that’s the case, you’re going to want to check out the Manhattan Cocktail Glass from Lolita. The breathtaking design (almost so good it’ll suck the life right out of you…) features the evening skyline of New York City. There’s something hauntingly beautiful about this glass and reminds us of scenes from American Psycho or Ghostbusters.


So, if you aren’t planning a big hoo-ha with your happy haunts to celebrate Halloween and instead are thinking about a night at home, with the lights dimmed and some spooky movies on your TV, then the Manhattan could be the Halloween cocktail glass you’re looking for…


If Halloween with its ghosts and ghouls sends chills down your spine, and you’d rather your celebrations be not-so-scary, then take a look at the Appletini Cocktail Glass. With its juicy apples and zesty green design, this glass would be perfect if your Halloween parties are more about eating sweet treats and apple bobbing, rather than trying to raise the dead! Measuring 17.5cm tall, the bottom of the glass also features Lolita’s signature Appletini cocktail recipe.


So, why not gather your sister witches and hubble, bubble, toil and trouble over your cauldron of cocktails, as you enjoy following Lolita’s instructions or turning your hand to your own concoctions, in your very own at-home mixology night? And here’s a hint from us: to really harness your Halloween vibes, how do you turn your Appletini into a Poison Appletini? Add a shot of tequila (although – of course – please do remember to drink responsibly!).


Finally, if Halloween and spooky season really isn’t your thing at all, then why not celebrate the magic and mystery of the changing of the seasons, and raise a glass to fall and the start of autumn? We adore this Leaves-A-Million Stemless Glass from Lolita. With a gorgeous swirl of leaves in shades of ochre yellow, burnt orange, vibrant red and deep purples whipping their way around the base of the glass as if caught in a gust of wind, this glass is seriously saying ‘autumn’ to us! Ideal for enjoying a lovely glass of warm apple cider on the sofa as the dark nights draw in, or sipping a refreshing glass of iced sparkling water to rehydrate after a lovely autumnal walk crunching through the fallen leaves.


Whether you’re a happy haunt celebrating Halloween, a fan of things not quite so scary this spooky season, or more all about raising a glass to autumn, however you celebrate this new season, we hope you have a frightfully good time!


And don’t forget, Lolita’s glasses make for gorgeous home décor and centrepieces too! Use them as part of your tablescape to help set the spooky scene or use them as a novel way to serve dessert. We love the idea of filling the glasses half full of bright green jelly (add a dash of vodka if you’re catering for the grown-ups) topped with chocolate mousse. Then, crumble Oreo biscuits on top to resemble dirt and style with jellyworms and edible spiders crawling out of the glasses. Great fun if you’re celebrating Halloween with kids this season!  Remember, you could always recreate your very own witch’s cauldron (dry ice and smoke effects are of course optional extras!) and gather your own little ghosts and ghouls for a magical mocktail-making session too! J

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